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    that was the lasst thing she was expecting him to say

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"Morteele IV" by Edaliana
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    Red spaceships.

    i used to have a copy of the book at the top.

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Er…you two just keep going.


    Er…you two just keep going.

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Don Davis


    Don Davis

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    Anatoli Bugorski might be the luckiest scientist of all time.

    While poking around the machine, Bugorski stuck his head inside the accelerator and straight into the path of a proton beam.

    As it coursed through his skull, the proton beam burned a hole through Bugorski’s brain. While it was painless, he said he was blinded by a flash “brighter than a thousand suns.”

    After staggering away from the machine, the left side of his face swelled to enormous proportions. Later, the skin near the entry and exit wounds peeled away, and Bugorski lost hearing in his left ear. However, this Soviet survived his mind-blowing experience, perhaps because the proton beam was moving at nearly the speed of light.

    Despite his good luck, Bugorski eventually lost every nerve in the left side of his face becoming partially paralyzed. The proton beam also damaged Bugorski’s mental capabilities, though not as badly as you might expect. Despite his handicap, Bugorski earned a PhD and is still alive today, proving that it takes a lot more than a proton beam to kill a Russian.



    Just in case you were under the impression that being intelligent and being a moron were mutually exclusive…

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    unifying themes across most glyph requests:


    having the Genders, privilege guilt, social alienation, art lyfe, being lonely, love (too little or too much), untreated illnesses both mental and physical, This Shithole Economy, This Bullshit Country, and tragic stories about animals (and some people) we tried to help and couldn’t.

    reading this stuff gives you a very very strong impression of our generational character (acutely sensitive, empathic to the point of pain, poor, unemployed, strongly opposed to gender structures and all kinds of oppression, incredibly creative, depressed, and desperate for connection) and for that reason alone, even if i wasn;t doing this for any other purpose, i think this project is valuable, and it’s value of a sort that has nothing to do with me or my drawings.  i think i can use the word “zeitgeist” unironically, here (but i won’t).  and the words “yearning”, and “longing”, and “tragedy”.  

    i guess i just thought it was worth mentioning that the most interesting thing about seeing 300+ “problems” in a singular format, mostly from anonymous people, is how little they differ from one another.

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(via Flat style illustrations by Japanese artist Kotaro Chiba ‹ Neyeni.Net)